NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card Refer A Friend $20 Bonus


Let me explain how it works. You have seen those gift cards and debit cards in front of those big box stores of your local grocery stores right?

Shelf space is some of the most valuable and expensive space in the entire retail store.  Those cash card companies pay the stores a big fat commission. Every time one of there customers takes a card and loads it with cash?

Well, NetSpend decided that they would like to distribute there MasterCard and Visa debit card in another way. Instead of paying the big box stores they would rather pay there own customers that fee instead.

So here is how it works.

When you fill out the short form on the NetSpend website they will mail you a MasterCard or Visa debit card. Which you will receive usually within a week.

You will then load that card with at least $40 which you can easily do at any local grocery stores or anywhere Western Union is found. Heck, you can even do it online yourself.

Within 48 hours will add an additional $20.00 onto your card that you can spend any way you want anywhere you want. Now, most of the time they are actually going to load it within minutes of you putting your $40 onto your card.


This is So Simple I have made over 3,600.00 and You can do it too!

Just deposit 40 or more on NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card and get 20 Free

Once you make the 40 or more deposit then you can refer friends and get 20 for each referral over and over!


Your NetSpend Debit Card will arrive in the mail in 7 to 10 days.

You can use your Debit Card wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted and get cash at ATM’s worldwide.

NetSpend is a Debit Card and there is no credit check, interest charges or late fees.

The NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card is available to all citizens of USA.




Pictureof netspend prepaid card


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