President Trump Funneled $11 Billion Into Pockets Pals

President Trump Funneled
$11 Billion Into the Pockets of “Eisenhower Trust” Holders


Dear Reader,

On September 14, 1960, Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower created an investment unlike anything we’ve seen before…

A “trust” that opened the door for regular Americans to use what has been a moneymaker for the rich elite for a long time.

In fact, a brand-new study across 16 countries, including the U.S. and Britain, found that this has been “the world’s best investment of the last 150 years.”

It consistently made more money than Treasury bills, bonds, stocks, and precious metals.

The result isn’t surprising if you consider that, overall, the trusts Eisenhower created…

  • Paid 6 times more income than dividend stocks
  • Have gone up 7,054% since 1972
  • Could have turned a modest nest egg into a $3.5 million fortune

That’s why I call them “Eisenhower Trusts.”

They’re perfect for people who want to enjoy a safe and rich retirement.

The best thing is…

They are required by LAW to pay out at least 90% of their income to trust holders.

That’s unheard of in the financial markets…

Which is why almost every single Republican president has expanded on it, including…

Ronald Reagan…

George W. Bush…


Now, I’ll be honest with you…

Almost all so-called “experts” know about “Eisenhower Trusts.” And a lot of them are using this investment tool themselves.

But most Americans have no idea it even exists.

Or that it could add anywhere from $510 up to $6,600 to your retirement income, on top of your Social Security benefits.

How much you make, of course, is up to you…

The more money you initially put in, the more you can expect to make every month.

In fact, a lot of people are collecting different amounts, like…

Muriel D., a 67-year-old retiree from Arizona, who says: “I’ve collected $4,472 so far.”

Or like Daniel F., who says he was able to cash in $8,005 from one of these Trusts.

Or Bobby S., who cashed in a total of $22,287 on an “Eisenhower Trust.”


They’re collecting all this money without buying a single share of a company… without investing in bonds… selling options…

Or any other complicated income strategy you might have heard about before.

These are regular Americans, with full-time jobs or retirees, collecting income from something Eisenhower created almost 60 years ago.

Healthcare in Canada is a vital subject for anyone residing in Canada

Healthcare in Canada is a vital subject for anyone moving to or residing in Canada. The Federal Government does provide some funding from the taxpayer for the health system, however, each Province is individually responsible for its own Healthcare system.

Many Canadian employers offer fairly comprehensive benefits packages


There is a basic free system (Alberta, BC, and Ontario charge the residents a healthcare tax or premium to pay for this!) that every legal resident and citizen of Canada is entitled to which includes access to a family doctor and most hospital treatment (definitely emergency care). This is governed by the Canada Health Act (1984) which lays down the basic entitlements of free coverage. Prescription drugs and supplies are provided in the hospitals in most cases as long as you remain in the patient.

The costs start to mount up for prescription drugs and medical supplies when you are not in the hospital. Drugs are bought from the pharmacy at the standard cost which for specialist drugs can run into hundreds of dollars for one course of treatment. Other medical services will probably not be covered such as Physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, and massage therapy. Custom made medical supplies such as knee braces or orthotics can cost over a thousand dollars to purchase in some instances.

The amount of coverage and standard of Healthcare in Canada is described in detail on the main Government site but does vary between Provinces, however.

Each Province also has its own regulations for the practitioner’s qualifications and even nurses will have to recertify if they move between Provinces. This does cause confusion to new migrants to Canada as most foreign qualifications just may not be enough and will most likely result in some level of retraining. Dental treatment is normally NOT included in the healthcare system and you will have to pay for treatment.

Many Canadian employers offer fairly comprehensive benefits packages that include coverage for Prescription drugs and other services such as physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment though this is most often only up to 80% of the cost. As each Province has different rules for qualifying times to gain access for the free service ensure you thoroughly research your Province of choice via the links above.

If your employer doesn’t come with coverage or you wish to improve it you will need to take out a private policy

If you require short term coverage for when you first arrive in Canada, make sure you have a proper policy (travel insurance may not be sufficient) and CHECK you are covered.

For detailed information please visit

Is Article Marketing A New Way For Internet Marketing

A New Way For Internet Marketing


People often ask if article marketing is a new way to do internet marketing.  That is not exactly how things work. Article marketing is only one facet of internet marketing.  It is not meant to be a complete replacement. Article marketing is only meant to be one facet of an entire solution. This kind of marketing is intended to be a complete solution implementing multiple different types of marketing, rather than one single form of marketing.

In other words, if you want to create an effective strategy for internet marketing to make money through your website.  Affiliate marketing or ad revenue, then one of the forms of marketing that you need to implement in your system is article marketing.  No single form of internet marketing is going to drive results.

So implementing numerous marketing techniques is the best way to attract visitors, and income, to your website. Article marketing is a powerful addition to any internet marketing plan because it is completely free to get into and can drive some seriously effective results in the process.


Article marketing is a simpler form of internet marketing


Article marketing is a unique form of internet marketing that makes marketing your website more efficient.  And effective through the use of informative, valuable keyword-driven content.

If you are serious about marketing your website and driving new visitors to your site. Article marketing is an extremely advantageous way to get it done. This kind of marketing involves writing valuable and informative articles. Articles to your niche or keywords and posting them on public submission websites, where other websites can pick them up. Search engine spiders can find hoards of new traffic, can read them ,and follow valuable links to your website.

Article submission and article directory websites


Article marketing is a simpler form of internet marketing. And it is also one of the very few free ways to make money and generate traffic to your website. Once you submit articles to article submission and article directory websites. People will begin to access your website from the links. That you place in the resource box or signature part of each article. Article marketing is an excellent way for you to establish yourself as an authority on a particular subject.  Once people begin to regard you as an authority, they will be much more willing to follow your links and travel to your website for more information.

If you are looking for a powerful way to jump start your internet marketing campaign.  This marketing can be a powerful tool in your arsenal, that will drive results, and give you the traffic, income, opt-in sign-ups and other vital activity that your website requires in order to thrive. Every website can benefit from internet marketing.   And one of the best ways to get an internet marketing campaign going in a positive way that drives results is to implement cost-effective article marketing as a means of building authority, creating one-way links and driving traffic into your website from numerous sources all over the internet.

Why Your Wife Prefers Her Girlfriends Over You

Men come to me all the time complaining about their wife being gone all the time. They are angry because their wife is consistently “gone”, hanging out with her girlfriends. To make the problem even worse, they say, these girlfriends are “bad news”. They are “men-bashers” of the highest order.

Want to know what I tell them?

“The bad-news girlfriends are doing a better job of meeting your wife’s needs than you are which is why she chooses to hang out with them instead of you.”

It’s not very pleasant. It doesn’t make them feel good. And, it contains the answer these men need to turn their situation around so that their wife wants to hang out with them and have sex with them instead of hanging out with the bad-news girlfriends

The answer is

“Do a better job at meeting your wife’s needs than anyone else she knows.”

The man who embraces this philosophy will soon find that his wife spends far, far more time with him than she does anyone else.

Want an easy way to find out how to meet your wife’s needs better than anyone else?

Ask her this one question: “Look deep inside of yourself and imagine for a moment that I met and satisfied your every need and desire better than anyone else you know. What would I be doing?”

Whatever it is that she tells you, treat with the UTMOST RESPECT because she will be baring her soul to you. How you treat her response will either take your marriage and sex-life to never-before-seen heights or it will be the straw-that-broke-the-camels-back.

To get the full scoop on how to meet your wife’s needs and to get the same kind of sexual response that many other men are getting, go to:

Try it and see for yourself.

Writing Articles as an Affordable Internet Marketing Method

Writing Articles as an Affordable Internet Marketing Method

From Overture, a keyword suggestion tool, you will see the millions of searches done to a certain keyword. When these keywords are typed on search boxes of search engines, indexed websites containing articles with those keywords will be displayed. And this is what leads traffic to websites with keyword-rich articles. Yes, the magic word is articles.

Content is king. You can say that again. That is why writing articles is one of the most utilized Internet marketing media today. Internet surfers just can’t get enough of information on various fields. Providing information through these articles is a surefire way to drive hot traffic to your website.

Why is this so? Here are the benefits that writing articles can give your Internet business.

1. It’s absolutely free.

Too good to be true? Not. Okay, you have to pay for your Internet Service Provider. That’s it. All you need is your thoughts, your computer, and your hands. If you have those, nothing will stop you from typing words that will make you complete that article for your website. On which aspect of that process did you really shell out any cent? Maybe later when your electric bills come.

2. Your website will be noticed in a short period of time.

Submit that article of yours to article directories that get the most web traffic and in no time your website will be crawled. That is if you don’t forget including your resource box or byline.

3. Obtain backlinks automatically.

When you submit your articles to directories, surely, other websites will make use of your article too. With the copyright terms of your articles, the URL of your website will still be intact and will subsequently direct more traffic to your website.

4. Improve your reputation.

As an Internet marketer, if you plainly display your products on your website, you will not gain much conversion rate. Conversion is when your traffic converts to sales. You have to show that you are knowledgeable on your field. And what better way to show that than by writing articles that will allow you some bragging rights, right?

Just make your creative juices flow and jot down or key in those ideas quickly to jumpstart your article writing momentum. With those benefits listed above, a writer’s block is the last problem you will ever be able to surmount.