The Action Takers and Guaranteed Cash System

Start an avalanche of income for all action takers


I need you to pay close attention. What is getting
ready to happen is we are going to start an avalanche of
income for all action takers.    But it will only happen if you
are willing to do a  little to get back a lot.

Total out of pocket expense for you will be $11 But $10 of
that you are going to get right back when you complete
registration. The other $1 is for this Pay It Forward team
build I am inviting all action takers to join

And yes there is one other catch. You might not like it but
it is necessary for you to do in order for us to help put some
big money in your pocket. And that is for you to get a bitcoin
wallet. And being totally transparent, if you live in the United
Stated you will actually need 2 bitcoin wallets. You will
need one from and one for

Now here’s why!


Most admins are using coin payments to process bitcoin payments
on their website because they have buttons and
because of their API. But you also need a coinbase account
for USA members who want to deposit to US bank account.
Coinbase as of now is the only one we know of that has this
capability. That is why you should have both in your arsenal.

That was the only bad news. And see it won’t so bad now
was it.

You will only need bitcoin for the $1 program which is called Here is how you work this program
to get you some good money. You have to pass this info along to other action takers
in order for it to work perfectly for you.

This can be your approach to someone,” Hi, My name is action taker
I make a pretty decent amount of money online and currently, we
are sponsoring members into this program. The program costs
only $.20cents and I would like to sponsor you. Here is my link
to join.”(very simple and to the point) Now when I sponsor you
in I would like you to Pay it forward to 3 other people. You will
be spending approximately $1 total out of pocket expense. And
to get to the higher levels. You will use your commissions to earn
you a lot more money. So there is really no risk involved.

Speaking of NO Risk, that brings me to the other program that
you pay a one time $10 and soon as you complete your
registration, you will get an INSTANT $10 Sign Up Bonus making
this membership 100% Free.

The magical fact about this is

If you give this same opportunity that I am giving to you, to other
people, you earn $5 per referral. You give this to 100 people in
a month that is $500 in your pocket easy. And the name of this
magnificent program is called because you
will make money even if you do not want to.

These two programs are inexpensive and very powerful at
getting results because it is something everyone can relate to.

If you haven’t done so as of yet, you need to click the links
above and join asap. Stop not earning money. Change your
future today.

Do you know I literally can watch my money grow every hour
on DailyFreedomChallenge and make money even about every
3 to 4 hours. That is a wonderful feeling when all your online
efforts finally pay off.

So do not delay any longer, join both right now and let’s get
you earning in the right direction. When you join DFC I will
pay your way in and you will help just 3 others.

Thanks for your time today! Let me know if you have any
questions or concerns!

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